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Three good purchases

#1: Peter Doherty – Grace/Wastelands
One of the best CDs I’ve bought within the last months, probably even years. It’s got a lot of feeling in it, but also some catchy songs with great melodies. It’s what I’ve been looking for. Something similar to Conor Oberst’s earlier pieces. As in the Bright Eyes album Fevers and Mirrors. Peter Doherty has more “professionality” to it, and is by that not sounding that rough, but still the feelings are there.
#2: The Sims 3
I had Sims 1 and Sims 2 as well. Sims 3 is completely different to me again. I’ve read somewhere that hardly anything has changed from Sims 2 to Sims 3. I think so. The modes are completely different, and there are just so many possibilities. I love how you can travel around the city, and the beautiful houses there are. And the character traits you can choose are so amazing. I chose “childish” for one of my characters.. Now he plays with the kids’ toys all the time.
#3: Into The Wild
I’m just speechless. Wow. Amazing movie! Go, watch it. It’s unbelievable. I’m really moved by it. The character’s love for literature, getting away from society, spending some time with your thoughts. I have a love/hate feeling for the ending. Another ending would have probably messed me up, yet I dislike this one. And it’s actually based on a true story! And.. it has Jena Malone in it. One of my favourite actresses!