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Austrian Semmelknödel (dumplings made out of breadcrumbs)

ingredients (makes 4 dumplings):
4  cups of about 0.5 inch-cubes of white bread (use leftovers from baguettes, ciabbata etc and cut them into small cubes, the bread has to be hard!)
1 cup of vegan milk (I used oat milk)
1/2 onion (or less, or none at all if you don’t like onion), chopped
salt, pepper, nutmeg

Those dumplings are easily prepared! Put all ingredients and knead with your hands until the ingredients stick together and you can make dumplings out of it.

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The dumplings are steamed. I have an extra pot for that. My sister for example has a insert for noodles in one of her pots, and puts only a small amount of water into the pot, so that the insert does not reach the water, and by that is able to steam dumplings in it. So just be creative! I’m sure you’ll find something you can use. How long are they steamed? I really don’t know exactly. About 7 minutes I’d say, but just insert a fork in a dumpling to check the consistence and you’ll see if they’re done.

The sauce that went along with it today was a chantarelle-sauce. For chantarelle sauce I put about 1 tbsp of canola oil into a frying pan, and add a bit of onion. When the onion has a nice yellow colour I add cleaned and sliced chantarelles, and let it cook until the mushrooms have a nice yellow/orange colour and become soft. Then I add soy cream and a bit of water (if you want a thick sauce just add a bit of arrowroot-starch or cornstarch), herbs, salt and a bit of soup-seasoning.
That’s about it.

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Vegan Chocolate Banana Cake

Here is a chocolate cake with banana filling I made today:

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Recipe follows:

cake: this recipe (I made 2 and put them on top of each other)
for the filling I used: 3 tbsp margerine, 2 tbsp water, 3 tbsp crumbled tofu, 5tbsp powdered sugar, 2 drops of banana-flavouring (I used a food processor to get the tofu creamy and after that a blender)
and the glaze is 300g of dark chocolate coating with about 1tbsp of margarine, that you add after the chocolate is molten

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